Vijay More and his son ran to help the injured

It is no lie that wherever help is needed, God himself rushes or at least sends his messengers. Today, Vijay More and his son Allan More proved this. They stopped their journey to help an injured person who was injured in an accident on the highway and was lying in a pool of blood on the road they immediately took the lead of getting first aid. This also soothed the injured.

Heavy Traffic was blocked on Pune Bangalore highway. As the work of six lane is going on, the crowd has increased near Sankeshwar on one lane. Around twelve noon, a motorcyclist left the crowd. The truck in front was not predicted. The guess was wrong, the brakes were applied and the motorcycle went straight into the back tyre of the truck. The truck stopped. The entire motorcycle was crushed. Finally, some people pulled him out from under the truck. He survived clearly by the grace of God, but suffered numerous wounds on his body. Immediate help was needed.

Around the same time Vijay More’s car made its way through the crowd and arrived at the scene as if God had rushed there. He had gone to Kolhapur along with his son Allan More and social activist Santosh Mamdapur. They were coming back after finishing Happy Street program of Savli Care Center there. Seeing the accident and the injured lying on the road, he immediately got out of the car and ran. An ambulance was called immediately after giving reassurance to the injured person , and he was given immediate treatment.

At this time, the police who entered there also thanked Vijay More and Allan more Vijay More has been at the forefront of social work for many years. Following his footsteps, his son Allan more is also coming forward in this work. Since the injured was relieved immediately, the blocked traffic on the highway was also smoothed out. Many motorists thanked both of them for this.

Talking about this, Vijay More has given a good message. Accidents happen. But many are just watching. But if only we could help by waiting for two minutes, one life can be saved.


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