Loud new candidate shout in Khanapur..!! Congress high command to face a new face..?

Belagavi:The call for a new face in Khanapur constituency is increasing day by day and the national parties have come to power in Khanapur Vidhan Sabha constituency, which was always in the grip of MES, only once, but congress MLA came to power in Khanapur due to the efforts of the loyal workers of the party in the last election.

But after the election results, the MLAs got into the hands of the activists only now and then, so recently there has been a loud cry for a new face in Khanapur and as a proof of this, another Congress candidate Irfan Talikoti has filed his nomination papers.

Also, there is a possibility that about fifteen thousand minorities of the taluk will support Irfan Talikoti, who is a strong leader of the minority, so there is a cry that a new face should be given this time, and there are many differences between the two and it is being heard that it will be a boon to the candidates of the opposition party as if they are the third party in the fight between the two.

In the last taluk panchayat election, Irfan, who has shown his ability by contesting and winning his brother as a Congress candidate in MES stronghold, who has good relations with all the classes and communities of the taluk, the voter of the taluk is saying that if the ticket is given to him, the party is expected to get good results.

Day by day the competition and differences are increasing as the election date is approaching and the respective parties are struggling to maintain their position and the major parties are struggling to settle the differences and Khanapur is no exception.

BPN report.       M.K Belagavi.


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