Is a pre-wedding shoot important?

No, It is not at all important, It is a kind of social pressure people have created around us these days, similar to like you should be an engineer or a Doctor in India or get a car, house, kids and settle down before you turn 30. Going for a Pre-wedding shoot is totally your choice, If you feel like doing so go for it, else don’t do just for the sake of doing it because everyone in your friend circle had a pre-wedding shoot.

We went for a pre- wedding shoot, not one but two pre-wedding shoots at two different destinations and with two different professional photographers. I spent all my two years of savings in that, even my retirement and emergency savings drained out. When I planned to go for the pre-wedding shoot back in 2014 it was not that popular, I knew no one who did that. It was a new concept back then and I wanted to go for it, not for show off but to express myself. I adore creativity and innovative ideas, So we did our first pre-wedding shoot at Nandi hills near Bangalore for creating our wedding invitation website. I worked very hard for that I use to spend hour and hour on the internet to search about choosing poses, dresses, colors, learned basic photography, types of photography, lighting requirement, indoor vs outdoor shoots. planned how to express yourself in a unique way so that it looks the way we are and doesn’t look staged. After the pre-wedding shoot, we spent almost a month on designing our wedding invitation website from scratch we didn’t use any template or WordPress we wrote our own code for the site. If you create something beautiful with a lot of hard work involved in that, it gives you happiness.

Our second shoot was a Champaner-Pavagadh archaeological park which also expresses my passion towards traveling and addiction to archaeological sites.

So Think first why you want a pre-wedding shoot, do you really need it. Do you have enough time, money and patience for it or you want to spend more on other things like honeymoon, gadgets, furniture or just want to invest it for future? It’s you dear who knows deep down that Whether a pre-wedding shoot important or not.


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