Belgaum: A Marathi film team called Premachi Pavusa held a press conference at Kannada Sahitya Bhavan in the city on Wednesday and said that the film is coming to the screens this Friday, everyone should watch the film and encourage them…

Patil, the producer of the film, who spoke at the press conference, said that the film was mostly shot around Belgaum, Belgaum artists have acted in it, this is a small effort of new artists from our North Karnataka and border people of Maharashtra, and requested everyone’s cooperation for this.

He said that the film Premacha Pavusa directed by Pankaja Patil has a love story, it has all the elements of entertainment and the audience will like the film very much. Similarly, the film has a good message for our entire society and we believe that everyone.

He requested all the people of Belgaum to come and watch this film, which has a show every day at the Globe cinema in Belgaum

On this occasion, film producer, film heroine, supporting artists, screenwriter, film distributor and many others were involved in this press conference



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