Ramesh Jarakiholi roars in Lakshmi Hebbalkar constituency


BPN spl Report (M.K.Belagavi)

Belgaum : Incumbent BJP MLA Ramesh Jarakiholi has once again sounded the alarm against his opponents. On Thursday evening Ramesh Jarakiholi’s fan club organized a fan meeting at Hirebagewadi and again lashed out at his political opponents.

Belgaum Rural Constituency Area
After Hindalaga, Sulebhavi, Ramesh Jarakiholi’s fans have once again held a fan convention at Hirebagewadi. A huge number of people participated in today’s meeting and attracted attention.

Various leaders who spoke in the meeting promised to bet on the victory of the candidate suggested by Ramesh Jarakiholi. Ramesh Jarakiholi was directly responsible for the development of Hirebagewadi Siddhanabhavikere under Belgaum Rural Constituency and the construction of the new campus of Rani Chennamma University near Halagi Maradi, many expressed admiration for his work.

This happened in Sulebavi and Hindalaga
I have spoken at two conferences. On that occasion, the Congressmen attacked me at the state level. They also filed a complaint against me.

Congress party has sunk to a very low level today. I will not go for a very poor level of speech. But they have to be answered. I cannot personally speak about the MLAs of Belagavi rural constituency. Road development is not the only development work of the sector. Every year MLA’s grant comes.
Be it BJP, JDS or Congress MLAs. Government releases grants. In this regard, the government has also released grants to Belgaum Rural Constituency.
He said that I have never hindered the development work in Belgaum rural constituency.
We have to win this constituency in this assembly election. BJP leaders should give the best candidate for Belgaum Rural. He said that we will bet on the victory of the BJP candidate here.

Be it big leaders or local MLAs. How low-level politics they do. It is unfortunate to compare Belgaum Rural MLA with Veerarani Chennamma. Insulting Chennamma through this will not be tolerated. He indirectly lashed out at the Belgaum Rural MLA saying that this mother does not even have the least knowledge.

Let us respect the position of legislators.
But he said that he allowed the state government programs to be conducted as if they were Congress party programs.
We must win this election. Otherwise, all your lands will go. His boss is not around Bangalore. Even if the MLA’s relatives come even if they encroached, they will have to leave your field. He appealed to the voters of Belgaum Rural Constituency not to fall prey to any lure this time.

If it is to be good for the state and Belgaum Rural MLA needs to be defeated this time. We will hold another convention in Uchagav. Then we will hold a party convention on behalf of the BJP. He requested that the best candidate nominated by the party should win this time.

The BJP organization here was weak for the last four years. But the BJP organization has been strong for three to four months. Let us work very sustainably. He appealed to build and grow BJP in Belgaum rural constituency as a model in the state.


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