Upendra’s fans got goosebumps after seeing the ‘UI’ teaser

The teaser of ‘UI’ was released on Upendra’s birthday (September 18) and was praised by fans.
The teaser has seen millions of views within hours of its release. They have left a worm in people’s heads without showing any scenes in the teaser. Only some dialogues and sound are heard. Upendra said that fans should imagine the story by listening to this.

Actor Shivraj Kumar and Duniya Vijay were also present at the teaser launch event. Speaking after the release of the teaser, he said, ‘Let me tell you one truth. In the film There are 90 graphics. Its work is going on in different places. Nothing can be shown until it is finished. Meanwhile, the birthday came. For this reason, I have released this teaser to give work to the fans’ heads.
The film is releasing in five languages ​​and is likely to release by the end of this year. A lot of graphics have been used in the film and the real star is once again ready to show his skills in direction and acting.
G. Manoharan and KP Srikanth have jointly produced this film under the banner of Lahari Films and Venus Entertainers. From ‘Tarlenanmag’ to ‘Sh’, ‘Om’, ‘Operation Anta’, ‘A’, ‘Swastik’, ‘Upendra’, ‘Super’, ‘Uppi-2’, Upendra has directed hit films like ‘Sh’, ‘Om’, ‘Operation Antha’, ‘Upendra’, ‘Super’ and ‘Uppi-2’. Later he will come on screen again as a director.
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